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  Section I

  SLEP的第 一大题是在测验对英文听和说的了解程度,需花四十五分钟时间,分为四种不同型式的问题。

  Part A

  第 一种型式的问题,学生需以测验本上的图片为依据,将在录音带所听到的四句英文句子中选择一个Z能适切描述图片的,注意这些句子只会说一次且不会印在测验本上,这部份是测验对英文的微小对比、使用场合、语调、时态、发音、介词及字汇的认知概念。

  Sample Questions

  Note: Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Actual pictures and drawings in the test book are two to four times larger than the sample pictures in this brochure.

  1. On tape:

  Look at the picture marked 1.

  On tape:

  (A)There is an arrow in the sky.

  (B)The building has a tall tower.

  (C)The people are bowing their heads.

  (D)There is a toy in front of the building.

  2.On tape:

  Look at the picture marked 2.

  On tape:

  (A)The bird is standing on top of the pole.

  (B)The bird is flying over the fence.

  (C)The bird is digging in the sand.

  (D)The bird is eating the grass.

  3.On tape:

  Look at the picture marked 3.

  On tape:

  (A)There's a statue of a lion.

  (B)The line is very straight.

  (C)The wine is near the window.

  (D)There's a lane near the building.

  4.On tape:

  Look at the picture marked 4.

  On tape:

  (A)The brain is protected by bone.

  (B)The train is on the track.

  (C)The drain is stopped up.

  (D)The rain is coming down.

  Part B


  Sample Questions

  1. On tape: The class can finish it in less than an hour.

  In test book:

  (A)The classes can't finish in half an hour.

  (B)The class won't be finished for an hour.

  (C)The classes will take at least an hour.

  (D)The class can finish it in less than an hour.

  2. On tape: Why aren't they fixing the car?

  In test book:

  (A)Are they fixing the car?

  (B)I'm fixing the car.

  (C)Why aren't they fixing the car?

  (D)The car has been fixed.

  3. On tape: While I was waiting for my sister, she got the news.

  In test book:

  (A)While I was waiting for my sister, she got the news.

  (B)While my sister was waiting for me, she got the news.

  (C)I was waiting for my sister to get the news.

  (D)I was waiting for my sister when I got the news.

  4. On tape: He didn't know how to get to the gym.

  In test book:

  (A)He didn't go to the gym.

  (B)He explained how to use the gym.

  (C)He told us to get to the gym.

  (D)He didn't know how to get to the gym.

  5. On tape: Bill has one brother and one sister,and so does Jane.

  In test book:

  (A)Bill has one brother and one sister,and so does Jane.

  (B)Bill has one brother and a sister named Jane.

  (C)Bill and Jane are borther and sister.

  (D)Bill's brother and sister like to be with Jane.

  Part C

  此种型式的问题,学生参照测验本上的地图 ,地图上的街道与建筑物都有标识,且图上还有四辆标名A、B、C、D的车,学生需将所听到对话中提及的车辆予以选出,此部份的问题是在评估语言文化及实际概念的方向、距离、时间的概念及对建筑物名称及相关字汇的确认。( map )

  Sample Questions

  1. On tape:

  (man) The museum has a special exhibit this week. Why don't we go?

  (woman) I'd like to very much. If we continue on Pine to the circle and go around to Elm, we can park on Bell Lane.

  (third voice) Which car are the people in?

  2. On tape:

  (man) I would like to find the way to the circle. From there, I know how

  to get home.

  (woman) It's not too hard. If we bear right into Cherry and then go south on

  Elm, we will end up at the circle.

  (third voice) Which car are the people in?

  3. On tape:

  (woman)The judges are going to hear a very interesting case today. Let's stop

  at the courts.

  (man) That's a good idea. I'll go north at the next intersection and cross First

  Avenue. We can park in the lot across the street from the courts.

  (third voice)Which car are the people in?

  Part D


  Sample Questions

  1. On tape:

  (Bob) I heard that it is supposed to be a very good band. Since the game starts at 7:30, Nancy, I'll pick you up at 7.

  (Nancy) That's fine. I'll be ready. It takes 15 minutes to get to the gym, so we'll have time.

  (third voice) At what time will they arrive at the gym?

  In test book:

  (A) 6:45

  (B) 7:00

  (C) 7:15

  (D) 7:30

  For questions 2 and 3.

  2. On tape:

  (Nancy) Jane, what are you going to wear to the game?

  (Jane) I'm not sure yet. I don't want to have a heavy sweater on at the dance. It'll be pretty warm in the gym.

  I'll probably wear a light dress, even though the weather outside might not be so warm.

  (third voice) What is the girl going to wear?

  In test book:

  (A) A heavy sweater.

  (B) A heavy coat.

  (C) Some light slacks.

  (D) A light dress.

  3. (On tape)

  What is the girl's reason for this decision?

  In test book:

  (A) She expects it to be cold outside.

  (B) She expects it to be warm inside.

  (C) It is going to snow.

  (D) It will be very windy.

  Section II


  Part A


  ( picture )

  Sample Questions

  1. All those wet clothes. The children will want to stay outside and I'll spend my time trying to keep them dry.

  2. I can hardly wait to make the first snowball. I've been waiting all year to get back at her.

  3. Oh, my aching back. The car will be covered and I'll have to shovel it out.

  4. Isn't it great that school might be closed? I'd much rather have fun outside than stay in school. What better way to spend a snowy day.

  5. I'm going to be awfully hungry. I shouldn't have hidden that bone. It would have been better to leave it in the house.

  Part B


  Sample Questions

  1. One girl is eating ice cream but two aren't. ( picture )

  2. The small square is in the upper left corner. ( picture )

  3.He is bending over to pink up the box. ( picture )

  4.The car almost hit him while he was crossing the street. ( picture )

  Part C


  Sample Passage and Questions

  1. Sound is something we

  (A) hears. (B) hearing. (C) heard. (D) hear. It comes to your

  2. (A) eyes (B) nose(C) ears (D) mouth in different ways. It might be pleasant,

  3. like the voice of a friend, (A)when (B) as (C) or (D) since unpleasant, like the screech

  4. of a train's wheels on a railroad (A) station. (B) track.(C) light. (D) conductor. Some sounds are loud,

  5. and some are soft; some are high, and some are (A) full. (B) low. (C) quiet. (D) big. Sound is

  6. very (A) importance (B) importantly (C) important (D) import to us because it is the basic means of communcation.


  Sample Questions

  7. What does screech in line 3 mean?


  8. Which of the phrases below is another example of a pleasant sound, similar to the phrase in the sentence that begins in line 2, "like the voice of a friend" ?

  (A)Like the ring of an alarm(B)Like the wail of a siren

  (C)Like the honk of a horn (D)Like the song of a bird

  9. Which sentence below has almost the same meaning as the sentence that begins in line 5 ?

  (A) It is meaningful to communicate with sound.

  (B) The main way we communicate is with sound.

  (C) The meaning of sound is basic to communication.

  (D) In order to communicate, we need basic sounds.

  Part D


  Sample Passage and Questions

  The footsteps began about a quarter past one o'clock in the morning, a rhythmic, quick-cadenced walking around the dining room table. My mother was asleep in one room upstairs, my brother Herman in another; grandfather was in the attic, in the old walnut bed. I had just stepped out of the bathtub and was busily rubbing myself with a towel when I heard the steps. They were the steps of a man walking rapidly around the dining room table downstairs.

  1. What did the writer hear?

  (A)A soldier marching (B)His brother snoring

  (C)His mother talking (D)A person walking

  2. Where did the sounds come from?

  (A)The attic (B)The dining room

  (C)The bathroom (D)The stairs

  3.What was most of the family doing?

  (A) Listening(B)Working(C)Bathing(D)Sleeping

  4.What was the writer doing?

  (A)Talking to himself (B)Drying himself

  (C)Brushing his hair (D)Getting dressed

  5.The bed in the attic was made of which of the following materials?

  (A) Metal(B)Wood(C)Feathers(D)Straw

  6.What time did the sounds begin?

  (A)12:45 p.m.(B)1:00 a.m.(C)1:15 a.m.(D)1:30 p.m.




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